Fascinating Spring Workwear Outfits Ideas At Office 41
Fascinating Spring Workwear Outfits Ideas At Office 41

30+ Fascinating Spring Workwear Outfits Ideas At Office

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Spring brings you a lighter look through clothes that are less forgiving than anyone heavier than the slimmest model might like. Ruffles, tiered dresses and brights might make one more conscious of her figure. Thankfully, a not so slim girl can find respite in Spring’s hottest jacket, the trench coat.

That’s not a new trend. Way back in the 1920s to 1940s, femme fatale Greta Garbo graced the cinema screens in classy, yet sexy trench coats. Some trends never die out. They become classics and the trench coat is one such classic.

You could dig up great grandma’s trench coat and wear that to work. Then again, you would miss out on the new updates to that classic style. Today’s trench coats have feminine details (even ruffles). They also come in modern fabrics like patent leather and bright colors like a stunning scarlet.

The timeless appeal of trench coats lie in the way they flatter the female form. Cinced at the waist with a belt, the give the illusion of an hourglass figure if you have a boyish build, or emphasize your already womanly shape if you have curves. Trench coats wrap around the body, flattering you, making you appear as if you have a small waist, emphasizing your curves even over layers of clothing.